We’re excited about what God has been orchestrating and putting together. We believe He has called us to work together, in our specific strengths as bases, to develop a school that is unique to YWAM. ONE is a eight month, three part school that was birthed out of and is held together by, relationship and similar vision between YWAM Barcelona, YWAM Ålesund and YWAM Baltimore.

The focus of each location is developed with the specific strength and gifting of each base, in mind. God showed us that when we, as bases or teams, are operating in our specific gifting, we can serve the school with clear and focused attention. But, He has also woven a common thread throughout each specific phase that knits us together as one.

ONE is a school orchestrated by His hand, with three locations and ONE heartbeat.


This school is designed for artists who want to develop their skills and talents in order to become effective influencers of culture and the arts. The Creator has designed us to reflect Him, to co-create, bringing His beauty and truth into the darkest and most broken places. Our desire for this school is that you will be inspired and challenged through lectures and your surroundings, have plenty of time to create and do the work of making as well as learn what it means to engage and implement the truths God has instilled in you through your art to current culture and your global community.

All 3 phases of the school will include aspects of all 3 disciplines: Inspiration, Creation and Integration. Each phase will have it’s own specialized area where it will be a bit more focused.

INSPIRATION will include some of the following: visiting local sites, museums and galleries, artist talks, visits to historic sites, hiking and exploring nature, concerts and music, movies, readings, spoken word, stories and lectures from other artists, makers and thinkers.

CREATION will include some of the following: journaling, daily creative challenges, individual projects, team projects, creative exercises, dedicated studio time.

INTEGRATION will include some of the following: exhibits, installations, artist talks, internships, performances, final gallery show.

All 3 phases of the school will include similar rhythms: worship, intercession, critique and reflection.

DATES // January 14, 2019 - September 7, 2019

PRICE // Each phases tuition to be paid in the currency of that country


This school is open to artists of all mediums. We are not offering technical training in your specific craft, but we will be focusing more on how to USE your already developed art form.

A YWAM DTS is not necessary in order to do this school.