1. To GATHER and CHALLENGE people to worship, listen to and obey God, releasing them (in the context of the DTS) to serve through evangelism, intercession, acts of compassion and other expressions of God’s heart for the world, possibly even pioneering new ministries.

2. To INSPIRE and CULTIVATE growth in one’s relationship with God resulting in Christ-like character, which is based on a solid Biblical foundation, the work of the Holy Spirit and the personal application of Biblical truth, especially concerning God’s Character, the Cross and empowering Grace.

3. To SHARPEN one’s ability to relate to, learn from and work with people, including those of different cultures, personalities and perspectives.

4. To further EQUIP each one to serve God’s purposes either in or outside of YWAM Family of Ministries, strengthening a commitment to reach the lost, especially the unreached, to care for the poor and to influence all areas of society.

5. To IMPART the vision and foundational values of Youth With A Mission International as well as that of the host operating location and to provide information regarding a variety of opportunities for service.


Lecture weeks consists of various subjects taught by teachers from across the world. The DTS curriculum includes topics on the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Relationships, Hearing God’s Voice, God’s Character, Evangelism and Missions. Students are required to attend these classes from each day during lecture weeks apart from Fridays.  

Creative Elements of the DTS:  

Creative Fridays during each Lecture week will be reserved for joining your chosen creative track.  Each track has a track leader who is responsible for leading the track activities which can also happen on an evening during the week. Some Fridays the track leaders may invite speakers to inspire and teach. Some Fridays there may also be collaboration between tracks.  

There are also two Creative Weeks and three Creative Weekends:  

First Creative Week – Jan and Ragnhild Huse will teach on the Art and the Artist in God’s perspective. They will teach on the Artists role in Society as a prophetic voice.  

Second Creative Week – a visiting lecturer will engage students on God as a Creator and how to create with God. We have always had a variety of excellent teachers.  

Creative Weekends – these weekends will be facilitated by Jan and Ragnhild Huse and will invite artists who are already working in their chosen field. The aim is to inspire younger artists to see what is possible but also to find connection and seek the Lord together. These weekends have a lot of performances, workshops, interviews with artists and time to fellowship together.  

Click here to download the Creative DTS schedule 2019-2020


The year consists of DTS teaching weeks covering the curriculum according to University of the Nations course IDS 701. Each subject is taught by different teachers from all over Norway, as well as from abroad.

1. God’s Nature and Character (Encountering God)
2. God’s Intention for Individuals, Peoples and Creation (Seeing all of life from God’s perspective)
3. God’s Redemption: Sin and the Cross (Recognizing Jesus as Lord)
4. God’s Family: His Children and His Church (Becoming more like Jesus)
5. God’s World: His Call and His Commission (Doing the works of Jesus)
6. YWAM: A Response to God (Knowing God and Making Him Known)

Staff and teachers

Jan and Ragnhild Huse

Jan and Ragnhild have been discipling artists for two decades. They founded the Creative DTS in 1998 which was the first of its kind. They have a passion to see artists released to co-create with God and deeply impact society. They have been pioneering Arts gatherings, various events and been instrumental in launching of the Creative DTS in YWAM Lonavala, India.




Our tracks are a part of the Creative DTS. During this 5-month Discipleship Training School, we are excited to partner godly discipleship training with creative tracks that will leave you inspired in the areas of coffee, photography, fine art, music, film & dance depending on what track you choose. Below is information about all creative tracks in our Creative DTS.  

Barista TRACK

This track will touch upon making coffee drinks of all types, the basics of coffee roasting, running a cafe as a business and much more. We are lucky to be connected to JACU Coffee Roastery, Precious Beans Coffee Roastery as well as Lyspunktet Cafe who are all part of helping to make the Barista track a memorable experience.

photography TRACK

Come and join our photography track and learn how to photograph with excellence while discovering God’s heart for the nations. 

In addition to practical photography teaching, all students will have hands on opportunities to apply what they’ve learned by photographing locally (here in the gorgeous fjord region of Ålesund, Norway) as well as internationally while on DTS outreach. The goal of this track is to equip each student to understand their camera gear and to be able to create striking images that can be a voice for the voiceless across the globe.

Teaching can include :  Camera basics (shutter, ISO, aperture… etc.), composition for portraits, documentary photography, working with natural light, working with off camera flash, various project assignments given throughout the the year. 

fine art Track

The vision for the Fine Art track is to let the students explore what it means to do prophetic art inspired by God, how to bless others with what you create, and take time to learn new techniques and improve skills.

Teaching can include: the prophetic arts, painting, drawing, classical foundations.




The Music track focuses on songwriting & recording. Through many various assignments we want to inspire you to write songs and teach you how to produce and arrange them. YWAM Ålesund runs a KLAR Recordings Sound Studio that will assist students in their journey.

Teaching can include: song writing, recording, producing & arranging, improvising and the prophetic.



In the Dance track, you will further your gift of dance God has given you and learn how to bless others with it. Developing your skills in choreography and working with others through godly inspiration is part of this track.

While quality is important, technique is not the main focus of this school.

Teaching can include: modern, prophetic dance, hip hop, composition, choreography, improvisation. Dance styles vary from year to year. 



Outdoors adventures - every week of lecture phase we plan at least one activity. This could be for example a morning run on a track with a view, afternoon hike up a hill, bonfire on a beach, going to the bouldering hall, evening kayak paddle or exploring countryside etc.

Adventure weekends - about three weekends of the lecture phase will be spent in the outdoor scenery. Some examples of this might be a trip to a remote cabin, hike and tenting over a hill or across an island.

Boat expedition – we will use the old and renovated ferry “Parat III” to take the track to one of the fjords in the Sunnmøre region. The goal is to have fellowship/training onboard, and use the boat as a base to go on hikes to the different beautiful mountainsides surrounding the fjord.



The DTS outreach is a 2 month phase of the DTS that will take place in a country other than Norway.  The last few years we have been traveling to several locations in the past – the last few years we have travelled to Japan, South Africa, India and different parts of Europe.  

On outreach you get the chance to put into practice what you have learned during the DTS spiritually and creatively. We will intercede for people and places we are visiting, ask God for direction in ministry and evangelise the way He asks us to. We also aim to invest in locations, returning to ministries that we can support and grow long term relationships with. This is a time to serve, love and cherish the nations with our Father's love.



 The NEXT creative discipleship training school WILL RUN 

 19 september, 2019 - 16 february, 2020.


PRICE - 60,000 NOK

(incl. Lecture PHASE & outreach fees)